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Erneuerbare Energien

The expansion of renewable energies has become more and more important. There are particular good reasons for the investment in a photovoltaic system, because the production of solar energy is very eco-friendly. As a result of the stipulated feed-in tariffs, that is settled by the renewable energy law, a solar power system is even more profitable from an economical point of view.

The company LEHRMANN AG offers you a wide range of solutions for each customer requirement in the photovoltaic and solar industry. From standard on-roof systems through customised photovoltaic installations up to extensive solar power plants – with LEHRMANN AG you will receive everything from one partner. Our experts are with you from the first conversation through support on-site to the acceptance of the fully functional photovoltaic installation. Along the way, we consult and plan for you, take care of current regulations and rules and are committed to superior quality, sustainability and reliability.
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