Sample project

Lehrmann AG has deliverd a solar parc for an Austrian energy utility provider an the latitude of the city of Rome. After a successful, initial phase 1, expansion is now in progress.



Typical data points and key metrics of the installation:
(Extracts from project report)

My electrical power: 2.746.448 kWh
My CO2 savings: 4.800t/a
My ROI: 12.6%

location: Italy
climate data set: middle Italy
performance: 1.960,69 kWp
gross area/ coverage: 13.835,66 / 12.254,32 m²
pv-generator radiation: 21.139.490 kWh
pv-generated energy (AV): 2.746.448 kWh

grid feed in volume: 2.746.448 kWh
system utilisation degree: 13,0 %
performance ratio (installation utilisation): 81,1 %
converter utilisation: 96,0 %
pv-generator utilisation: 13,5 %
annual production: 1.400 kWh/kWp

CO2 Savings:

avoided CO2-emissions: 4800t/a
(equal to 1000 households averaging a power consumption of 2700kWh annually)

electrical power generation (in KWh) over the year:


Business case:

Installation parameters:
pv-capacity: 1.959,60 kWp
move-to-production: 01.10.2010
total degradation: 10,00 %

Feed in tariffs:
feed in format: full
for the first 20 years: 0,4100 €/kWh
thereafter: 0,4100 €/kWh

General business parameters:
 20 years
interest on capital: 0,00 %
all values excluding VAT

charges and balance
investment: 6.858.600,00 €
operation cost: 48.010,20 €/a
feed in revenues (1st year): 1.126.043,76 €/a

discounted cash flow results:
DCF value: 13.791.448,79 €
amortisation period: 6,5 Jahre
internal rate of return: 12,6 %
cost of power generation: 0,14 €/kWh

detailed view to receiveables and payables:

operating period:  21 years
investment: 6.858.600,00 €

operating cost
operating cost: 48.010,20 [€]/a

feed in revenues
feed in reveneues 1.126.043,76 [€]/a

Disclaimer: All data points from simulation only. Many parameters influence actual data points.

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